Heather McPherson

General Manager

Originally from Suffolk, Heather is a lifelong resident of Hampton Roads and passionately continues her family’s legacy as a fourth-generation transportation and logistics professional. With her entrance to industry as a motivated six-year-old, Heather enthusiastically took her first position as a formidable Saturday morning office admin at her father’s trucking company. From her early “career” beginnings, she has gone on to assist with the formation of two drayage startups, provided guidance as team lead, and enjoyed successful tenure as an operations supervisor.

As CBT Logistics Group’s General Manager, Heather delivers decades of experience and a proven, process-oriented approach to guide productivity, efficiency, profitability, and overall performance improvements for the organization as a whole.

When not fully immersed (re)writing an SOP, you can find Heather exploring her secondary passions for fine food and craft cocktails via co-restauranteering a Norfolk based bistro with her husband, embarking on a travel adventure, or relaxing at home with her beloved pack of 4 very entertaining dogs.

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