Motor Carrier Enrollment

Before getting started, please confirm the below required information.

Certificate of Insurance

Certificate in PDF format reflecting the following:
  • CBT Logistics Solutions named as Certificate Holder 
  • General Liability – minimum of $1 Million 
  • Automobile – minimum of $1 Million 
  • Cargo Coverage – minimum of $100,000 

Operating Authority MC# Certificate

PDF file format required.

IRS Form W-9 Taxpayer Identification

Should you not have a W9 readily available, you can download a fillable PDF here.

Authorized Signer

Owner, CEO, or other authorized corporate officer required to sign agreement.

Company Information

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Operating Authority

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Certificate of Insurance

Upload your certificate of insurance listing CBT Logistics Solutions as certificate holder with the following minimum coverage requirements:

  • General Liability – minimum of $1 Million
  • Automobile – minimum of $1 Million
  • Cargo Coverage – minimum of $100,000
Please upload your certificate of insurance
Please upload PDF format only. Max filesize 3MB

IRS Taxpayer Identification

Please upload your company's completed IRS form W-9. You can Download a fillable form here.

Please upload your IRS form W-9
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Capabilities & Interests

Please take a moment to let us know your capabilities, preferred freight, and any additional notes or message.

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Motor Carrier Agreement

This agreement is entered into between CBT Logistics Solutions, LLC, hereinafter referred to as “Broker” and , hereinafter referred to as “Carrier”. Whereas Broker is a transportation broker engaged in the business of selling or negotiation transportation with ICC Authority MC# 602032B, and whereas carrier is a motor carrier operating in interstate commerce, with contract authority MC# .

  1. The term of this agreement shall be continuous from signing date.
  2. Freight and rate shall be set and agreed upon at time of each movement.
  3. Termination of this agreement can be instituted by either party by giving thirty (30) days’ notice in writing to the other party.
  4. The carrier shall be liable for all loss, damage, or liability incurred by transportation of property arranged for by the Broker while being transported by the carrier.
  5. In the event of disagreement or dispute and if legal action is taken, the prevailing party will be entitled to legal fees.
  6. Carrier will be paid within 30 days of receipt of clean bills.
  7. Because of the confidential nature of the brokers business, carrier agrees to not disclose the details of this agreement of any other entity. Furthermore, Carrier agrees to not enter into agreements with any company or entity introduced to them by the broker, thereby circumventing brokers’ involvement.
  8. This agreement contains the entire contract agreement and no additions can be made unless in writing or initialized by both parties.

Effective Date

This agreement shall take effect October 5, 2022.

Authorizing Individual

Individual signing agreement must be the company owner, CEO, or other corporate officer authorized to enter into binding agreements on the carrier's behalf.

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